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Bachelor of Arts master’s double degree

Study a Bachelor of Arts + a master’s degree in just 4 years at Monash Arts

  • Give yourself a career edge
  • Fast track your studies with Masters level expertise
  • Save on time and save on fees
  • Join Australia’s largest university and our global partners
  • Get where you want to be sooner!

How does it work?

After completing two years of your Bachelor of Arts course, providing you have an average score of 75%, you can take master’s level units as your electives in third year. You then complete the rest of your master’s degree in fourth year.

What are the options?

Bachelor of Arts
Master of Applied Linguistics
Master of Communication and Media Studies
Master of Cultural and Creative Industries
Master of International Development Practice
Master of International Relations
Master of International Sustainable Tourism Management
Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies (4.5 yrs)
Master of Journalism
Master of Tourism

The master’s in the bachelor’s/master’s double degree must be related to your Bachelor of Arts major. Find out which master’s you can do in relation to majors below:

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