Creative teaching and learning

Through its innovative structure and teaching methods, a Bachelor of Global Studies will give you the skills and contacts to find your own creative ways to tackle the challenges cultures and communities are facing throughout the world.

Classes are delivered through workshops where you will be engaged in problem-based learning. You will hear from contributing guest lecturers from many different disciplines and also from a wide range of  speakers from industry.

In the third/final year ‘Capstone Unit’, you will have the opportunity to do practical field work. You will work with students in interdisciplinary teams which simulate real-world problems and you’ll get to present your solutions back to actual stakeholders. This type of Simulation learning promotes the use of critical and evaluative thinking, and helps you understand more deeply the management of environment, politics, community and culture.

You can also take an internship during your Bachelor of Global Studies degree. With a Monash Arts internship you can learn on the job, gain course credits, and open up new possibilities and pathways for your career.

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