Leadership for social change

At its core, the Monash Bachelor of Global Studies course teaches ‘Leadership for Social Change’. You will hear from a range experts from diverse contexts and disciplines, and also from those in industry and in the field, as you build a picture of their first hand knowledge and insights.

A Bachelor of Global Studies teaches you how to be culturally literate: how to read the world and make sense of unfamiliar cultures and situations. This is important because globalisation means multicultural collaborations are becoming everyday elements of professional life.

Being culturally literate will increase your understanding, openness, respect and responsibility for self and others, giving you the flexibility and intuition to work effectively in a wide range of cultural and professional contexts.

Through transformative dialogue and reflective listening skills you’ll develop advanced communication skills that will be valuable in situations where there are different perspectives on an issue and no easy answers.

With a Bachelor of Global Studies you will get a thorough understanding of the many different forms of leadership, what the drivers of social change are, and how to apply your learning in practical and professional real-life contexts.

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