A Bachelor of Journalism puts you one step ahead

The Monash Journalism program is designed to facilitate entry to an exciting and challenging profession. Our students have been published widely and have secured employment in sought-after roles at high-profile media outlets.

Our program is housed in one of the largest journalism schools in Australia and is taught by leading, award-winning journalists and renowned journalism academics.

It is informed by strong links with industry, contemporary research and established networks of leading universities and institutes in journalism education, nationally and internationally.

Course Outline

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Major: 8 units (48 points) taken over 3 years. This is the area of study you choose to specialise in.

Minor: 4 units (24 points) taken from an area of study that is different to your major.

You must complete 48 credit points (8 units) of your course before you are eligible to go on exchange. Usually this means waiting until your second or third year of study to go on exchange.

We consider you an international student if you are not:

  • an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or
  • an Australian permanent resident.

Note: We consider Australian and New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents as local students.

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An extended major made up of 12 units (96 points) taken over three years.

Student Opportunities


International focus

Students who study Monash Journalism can be confident that they are studying an internationally respected course that provides its students with international experiences in a variety of ways.

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Student Publishing

It is important for students to strive to publish their work. The more you publish, the better your CV will look when you come to find a job. At Monash, we provide mojo, Dangerous Ground and Glen Eira Voice to make your journalism available to the public.

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Students are encouraged to complete internships when studying Journalism at Monash to gain real-world experience within the journalism field. Each year, students intern at regional and urban media outlets, as well as well-known news outlets such as The Age, The Herald Sun and many more.

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Double Degrees

A double degree course means studying for two degrees simultaneously, usually from different faculties.

A key benefit of studying a double degree is that it can increase your employment options because it broadens your knowledge and skills in different areas. For example, if you have an Journalism/Science double degree you could pursue a career in journalism or science or fields where these intersect.

Double degree options


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Louis Nelson

Louis Nelson talks about his time at Monash.

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Rhiana Whitson

Rhiana Whitson talks about her time at Monash.

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Caroline Zielinski

Caroline Zielinski talks about why she studied journalism at Monash University.

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Mo Lin

Mo Lin talks about studying at Monash University.

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