Double Degrees

A double degree course means studying for two degrees simultaneously, usually from different faculties.

A key benefit of studying a double degree is that it can increase your employment options because it broadens your knowledge and skills in different areas. For example, if you have an Journalism/Science double degree you could pursue a career in journalism or science or fields where these intersect.

Double degree options

Testimonial 4

“The Bachelor of Journalism at Monash University was an excellent program that not only fuelled my passion for being a journalist, but also helped me find a foothold in the industry.  The course was extremely relevant and comprehensive, but what made it outstanding was the level of support from the seasoned journalists and producers that made up the teaching staff. Their impressive backgrounds coupled with brilliant teaching and a desire to see students succeed made all the difference.” Daniel Tran


Testimonial 3

“Thanks to Monash and its incredible teaching staff, I feel I’m very prepared to enter the world of journalism. I know what makes a good news story and how to write and interview, as well as seek interviewees among many other things… I’ve also made some fantastic contacts along the way who have helped me network and work in the industry. I’ve also made some amazing life-long friends.” Fenella Wagener

Testimonial 2

“The Monash course has given me indispensable tools to succeed in the competitive media industry, and I am forever indebted to it. Lecturers in the course generously introduced me to invaluable contacts, job opportunities and, most importantly, gave me vital skills to source work and remain on top of my game.” Katie Weiss