Arts Business Development

Arts Business Development

The Arts Research and Business Development Office helps industry, government and community groups connect with Monash University expertise to respond to the needs of communities, solve global challenges and deliver impact.

About Us

Here at Faculty of Arts we seek to make a difference. The Faculty prides itself on its longstanding relationships developed and sustained with a range of key stakeholder groups ranging from local, state and federal government to community and non-governmental organisations as well as the corporate sector. We are committed to creating customised solutions, fully tailored to our partners’ and funders’ needs and strategic goals.

Our biggest advantage is our interdisciplinary research expertise and capabilities with more than 40 disciplines in Humanities and Social Sciences. This allows us to review our client’s needs through a variety of lenses.

We work with industry partners to address a diversity of needs and find solutions to their problems. The hallmark of our work is a strong focus on applied research. With a proven track record of translating research outcomes into sustainable solutions and real benefits for the wider community we are committed to delivering societal impact.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Understanding Cultures

Promoting understandings of past, present and future cultural and social forces, and considering new and evolving forms of global citizenship.

Liveable Places and Sustainable Environments

Improving sustainability and wellbeing by harnessing understanding of the environment, including climate and water, and societal systems.

Resilient and Inclusive Societies

Highlighting the social and community contexts of health and wellbeing outcomes: an integral part of ‘health and wellbeing’.

Peace, Security and Borders

Advancing our understanding of the sources of conflict, violence and harm at local, national, regional and global levels.

We understand the rapidly changing demands of the market placed on today’s organisation and businesses.
Our specialist expertise and knowledge can help you work through these challenges.  

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Contract Research & Community Engagement

The Faculty of Arts has proven track record of undertaking projects and consultancies on time and within budget for a range of industry partners.

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Expert Lectures and Policy Forums

Are you looking for an expert speaker for an upcoming event/conference or a research project?

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Professional Development

The Faculty of Arts delivers a range of professional development programs specifically tailored to the needs of our clients.

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Kai Schreiber 'cube: corner piece'.
License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Partnering through the ARC Linkage Program Scheme

The Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Projects Scheme has been running for over 10 years, giving organisations a cost-effective way to use high-quality research to uncover answers to difficult issues.

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If you wish to partner with the Faculty of Arts at Monash University and offer our students an opportunity to experience working in the industry, we would like to meet you and discuss your needs and projects that you may have in mind.

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Philanthropic Support

Gifts of any size to the Faculty of Arts assist in growing future leaders and advancing the opportunities of researchers and educators. Priorities include: Student Support, Transformative Research, Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, and the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation.

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Beverley Baugh – Group Manager, Research and Business Development

Bev works across disciplinary boundaries to engage staff in the development of competitive and collaborative research grants and contracts.


Vanja Radojevic- Partnerships and Business Development Manager

Vanja is responsible for identification, development, costing and negotiation of Faculty’s research and commercial projects.

15 Éliette Dupré Husser_1

Eliette Dupré-Husser – Research Development Manager

Eliette provides core research support to Faculty academic staff in the areas of research grant development, and is the team lead support for research committees, and internal grant scheme administration.