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Monash University and WhyDev entered into a partnership to create an online mentoring program initially for Master of International Development Practice students. It is the vision of both organisations that the program will eventually be extended to university students and development practitioners around the world.

This project was funded by a grant from the Office of the Vice Provost (Learning and Teaching) at Monash University


Students participating in this program can sign in here after they have completed their registration: https://colabm.mentortrack.com

About the program

The program consists of 8 modules that will be completed over 14 weeks. Based on research, the modules have been designed to cover topics ranging from skills and employment to networking and well being.

Objectives of the Colab mentoring program include:

  • To develop communication, planning, interpersonal and reflexive skills;
  • To learn more about the particular sector you would like to work in, building your tacit knowledge;
  • To improve your ability to network; and
  • To build a sustainable and long-term relationship between the mentor and mentee.

Why Mentoring?

The value of a mentor as a guide, teacher and supporter is widely recognised. A mentor listens, is honest and provides relevant and appropriate support for professional development and career planning.



We are currently undertaking ongoing research on understanding career trajectories and mentoring in the development and humanitarian sector (Monash University Human Research Ethics Project Number MUHREC LR CF15/2404 - 2015000968).

Preliminary research based on a desk review and interviews suggest that mentoring is highly valued among development sector professionals, but there are few formal mentoring programs in place at tertiary level or within the sector. 

If you are interested in participating or would like to learn more, please contact samanthi.gunawardana@monash.edu.au

Where are our mentors?

About Us

WhyDev and Monash also work with Mentortrack, who connect students with experienced mentors to help them start conversations about their careers.

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