Congratulations on your offer, and welcome to the Monash Arts community.

Here you will find we are committed to providing you not just with an excellent academic education, but also with an enjoyable experience that combines intellectual stimulation with social interaction and engagement with the wider world.

Now is the time to start exploring our challenging and exciting programs. Select your course below, and access your course planning tools, including course maps and information on subjects (units), majors or specialisations. Make sure you bookmark the links relevant to your choices, so that you can revisit them during the enrolment steps.

Other things to consider

Units that you need permission to enrol in

Some units have limited places or the unit coordinator wants to authorise enrolments.
See units you need permission to enrol in.

Studying a language

You can start a new language or continue study at a level appropriate to your skills. If you wish to start studying a language at a higher level than introductory, you will need to undertake an online language entry level test to determine the level at which you should start.  Starting points are shown for each language in the areas of study.

Getting credit for previous study

You may be eligible for credit for previous study or learning.
See credit for prior learning.


Admissions, enrolment and pathways policy and procedures

Further information

Download the Arts Survival Kit (PDF)