Apply and Enrol

Applications for graduate research courses in the Faculty of Arts are assessed against a number of research admission criteria. These include:

  • satisfying all University minimum course entry requirements (PhD or Masters)
  • demonstrating the capacity to frame and sustain a significant research project over the duration of the course
  • proposing a research project that demonstrates strong potential to contribute to the discipline
  • demonstrating the availability of appropriate resources and supervisory expertise within the Faculty

All prospective applicants must first submit an Expression of Interest. Expressions of Interest (and all accompanying documents) must be submitted to the Arts Research Graduate School by the following dates:

Domestic applicants (Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, NZ citizens)

  • By 1 October for Semester one commencement
  • By 1 May for Semester two commencement

International applicants

  • By 1 August for Semester one commencement
  • By 1 March for Semester two commencement

The Expression of Interest is not a formal application for a Graduate Research Degree in the Faculty of Arts.

Following academic consideration of the Expression of Interest, suitable applicants may be invited to submit a formal application for candidature and/or scholarship through Monash Graduate Education.

The Faculty of Arts will not consider formal applications from potential students who have not received an Invitation to Apply from the Faculty.

An Invitation to Apply does not guarantee an offer of admission and will be subject to any conditions stipulated on the Invitation.


Steps to Application for Graduate Research Degrees in Arts

Prospective Graduate Research applicants should familiarise themselves with and understand the requirements and obligations relating to course admission and progression requirements. Applicants are encouraged to read the relevant course and program outlines in the University Course Finder and relevant Doctoral or Master’s by
Research Handbook to ensure they understand the University’s minimum academic entry requirements for graduate research degrees. Course and program outlines…

The Faculty of Arts encourages enquiries from prospective graduate research applicants early in the application process to ensure you are provided with all the information you need to make the strongest application.

English language proficiency (ELP)

Sound English language skills are essential for academic programs in the Faculty of Arts. Full documentary evidence in support of English Language Proficiency must be submitted with Expressions of Interest. Monash University reserves the right to seek further documentary evidence of ELP. If an applicant’s first language is not English, the ELP must be satisfied in at least one of the following ways.

Each Graduate Research Program engages with a group of academic researchers who can act as supervisors for students. Please refer to the relevant Graduate Research Program webpage for details of relevant researchers. This will give you some idea of the breadth of research undertaken in the Faculty of Arts. And it will also help you to better understand where to find the best available guidance for the research you want to do.

Applicants can make initial contact with researchers from their discipline of your interest at the enquiry stage, to identify a possible supervisor for their proposed research. For the purpose of the Expression of Interest, applicants are not required to have obtained agreement to supervise from a prospective supervisor. The final decision relating to the supervisory team will ultimately be made by the leaders of the relevant Graduate Research Program.

Those applying for the Philosophy Program should direct their initial enquiry regarding supervision to the Program Director.

To advance the application process you must complete the Expression of Interest Form and provide accompanying supporting documentation. Your Expression of Interest Form
allows you to describe how you intend to produce innovative research in one of our Programs.

During this stage we will examine your educational background, motivation to undertake research, areas of interest and your research experience, as well as your employment history where relevant. We need to consider your research interests to help identify the best potential supervision for you, and to determine how your research could best be supported by the Faculty.

Expression of Interest (EOI) documentation required:

  1. Expression of Interest Form
  2. Evidence of Academic Qualifications
  3. English Language Proficiency where relevant (IELTS/TOEFL results)
  4. Draft Research Proposal
    • Project title
    • Research topic summary: three or four sentences that encapsulate the project
    • Project description: describe the proposed project including relevant theoretical contexts
    • Rationale for project: what motivated your interest in this particular area?
    • Research questions(s): list 3-4 questions that underpin your investigation or
      research topic
    • Methodology: your research methods (e.g. ethnography, textual analysis, interviewing etc.)
    • Contribution to knowledge: how is your research filling gaps in the field and
      revising existing understandings etc?
    • Brief bibliography
  1. Curriculum Vitae outlining formal educational qualifications; research experience; grants and awards; conference presentations; and any publications (books, refereed journal publications, etc.)

Additional requirements for students applying for Music Performance and Music Composition:

Applicants for Music Performance must submit a recording of a performance they have given with their EOI. The recording should be no less than 10 minutes and no more than 45 minutes in duration, and the applicant’s contribution to the piece should be declared at the very beginning of the recording.

Applicants for Music Composition must submit a folio of works and recording, both notated and studio-based compositions should be included. The applicant’s contribution should be declared at the start of the folio.

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST and accompanying documentation to be submitted to:

Depending on the time of the year, please allow 4-5 weeks for your EOI submission to the Faculty to be processed. EOIs received within four (4) weeks of the close of a formal application round may be referred to a future round for consideration.

NOTE: Submission deadline of EOIs for the 31 August scholarship round has been extended to Wednesday 9 August 2017.  Any EOIs submitted after this date will not be considered.

Please note the submission of Expression of Interest form and accompanying documentation does not
constitute a formal application for a Graduate Research Degree in the Faculty of Arts.

If your Expression of Interest meets the requirements for an application for the course to be considered, and the Faculty is able to identify appropriate resource capacity and supervision for your intended research, you will be provided with an Invitation to Apply. The Invitation outlines how to formally apply for the Program.

If your Expression of Interest does not meet the entry or research requirements, or resources are not available to support the intended research, you will be provided with feedback explaining why your Expression of Interest did not lead to an Invitation to Apply.

Important Note: An Invitation to Apply is not an offer of a place in the Faculty and does not guarantee that your formal application will be successful. The University must verify and confirm all documentation, eligibility requirements, research viability and resourcing required prior to issuing an offer of admission.

When you are issued with an Invitation to Apply you will be advised how to submit a formal application using the University’s online application system.

The University closing dates for graduate research scholarship applications are 31 May and 31 October each year (for domestic applicants only) and 31 March and 31 August each year (for international applicants only).

Please upload your documentation with your online application at:

Your application options are:

  • Candidature admission and scholarship – if you are eligible for both
  • Candidature admission only
  • Scholarship only (only applicable to currently enrolled PhD and Research Masters students)

Monash Graduate Education (MGE) will inform you of the outcome of your application by email. If you are offered a place at Monash your letter of offer will describe the enrolment process.

Monash wishes all applicants the best of luck.