Joint PhD Programs

We  offer joint PhD programs with five leading global universities:

The joint programmes are aimed at building strategic global collaborations that  create opportunities for students to engage with international experts and gain valuable experience in managing research projects.

The programs offer candidates the opportunity:

  • to seek out leading supervisors, both from Monash, and from one of our partner universities.
  • benefit from the knowledge and experience of an international research community.
  • offers an internationally oriented student the opportunity to integrate into the academic routine, research environment and practices of the host institution which promises revealing insights and platforms for (future) research exchanges.
  • spend a minimum of one year of their candidature based at the partner university, and complete a thesis to be examined jointly.

PhD candidates will benefit from  both universities’ academic routine and research environment, and will receive supervision from a supervisor of both institutions for the duration of their candidature.

Candidates will not be charged any extra tuition fees beyond those applicable at their home university.

Students are required to:

  • meet the entry requirements of their chosen program,
  • to identify a suitable supervisor from both institutions,
  • and to collaboratively develop their research proposal in consultation with both institutions.
  • Students must also ensure they have adequate funding support to cover any costs associated with participating in the program.

How to Apply

  1. Identify a suitable supervisor from both institution
  2. Visit the How to Apply and fill out a Expression of interest form (step 5)
  3. Send the form in so we can do a pre-lim assessment of entry qualifications.
  4. An Invitation to apply will be sent to the applicant.
  5. Then proceed to Apply via the Monash Application system

More information on how to apply…

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