Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

linguistics-featured-150x150The Linguistics and Applied Linguistics program is designed by internationally recognized linguists, and covers dozens of specialties. The program is also home to the Language and Society Centre.

Program Content

The following degrees are offered in the Linguistics and Applied Linguistics program:

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Research areas and supervisors

Prof Kathryn Burridge
Germanic Languages; Grammatical Change; Linguistic Taboo

Dr Patrick Durel
French Studies; Language Learning and Teaching; Language Curriculum Design

Dr Alice Gaby
Australian Aboriginal Languages; Language, Culture and Cognition; Linguistic Typology

Dr Jim Hlavac
Translation and Interpreting Studies; Contact Linguistics; Foreign Language Pedagogy

Dr Hui Huang
Chinese Studies; Sociolinguistics; Second Language Acquisition

Dr Shimako Iwasaki
Japanese Studies; Conversation Analysis; Intercultural Communication

Dr Heinz-Josef Kreutz
German Studies; Language and Society; Discourse Analysis

Dr Naomi Kurata
Japanese Studies; Language and Identity; Language Learning and Teaching

Dr Howard Manns
Indonesian Languages and Cultures; Language Variation and Change; Language and Identity

Dr Anna Margetts
Language Documentation and Description; Narrative and Reference Tracking; Valence and Transitivity

Dr Simon Musgrave
Austronesian Languages; Syntax; Computational Tools for Linguistics

Dr Satoshi Nambu
Research and supervision areas:
Language Variation and Change (Japanese); Syntax; Experimental and Corpus Linguistics

Dr Nadine Normand-Marconnet
French Studies; Intercultural Communication; Second Language Acquisition

Dr Marc Orlando
Translation Studies; Interpreting; Translation and Interpreting Didactics

Prof Farzad Sharifian
Cultural Linguistics; English as an International Language; Intercultural Communication

Dr Robyn Spence-Brown
Japanese Studies; Second Language Acquisition and Language Teaching; Language Education Policy

Dr Louisa Willoughby
Deaf Studies; Migrant Languages; Language and Adolescence

Dr Zhichang Xu
World Englishes; English as a Lingua Franca; Intercultural Education

Program Contacts