Graduate Research Scholarships

As a leading teaching and research institution, Monash University attracts students of the highest calibre. To help you to continue to invest in your education, we offer a range of scholarships that reward graduates who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement.

These scholarships are available for both future and current students, and include stipend scholarships, which help with living and other costs, and tuition scholarships for international students, which cover the cost of tuition fees and in some cases the cost of compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover also.

Scholarships available

The most common scholarships offered by Monash Graduate Education (MGE) are the RTP stipend (formerly known as APA) and the Monash Graduate Scholarship (MGS). Both of these scholarships provide living allowances.

Several scholarships are also offered exclusively to international students to cover tuition fees. The most common are the Monash International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (MIPRS) and the Faculty of Arts International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (FAIPRS).

Most scholarships can be applied for using the same online application form in any one of the four scholarship rounds, unless specifically stated otherwise. Please note scholarships for international students will only be available in the international scholarship rounds (ie. 31 March and 31 August)

Overview of all scholarships available to future and current graduate research students in the Faculty of Arts…

Application process

Prospective students should follow the instructions on the How to Apply page.

Applications without an Invitation to Apply will not be considered by the Faculty.

Current students should seek approval from your main supervisor and consult with your Graduate Research Administrator before lodging a scholarship application. Current students can upload a pdf copy of a supporting statement from your main supervisor in lieu of the Invitation to Apply.

Application assessment

At Monash University, priority will be given to applicants who hold first-class honours (H1) or equivalent qualifications for all the scholarships listed on this page. The H1 standard at Monash is equivalent to an overall grade of 80 per cent or higher.

In the Faculty of Arts, you are automatically considered a first-class honours applicant if you have:

  • An Australian/New Zealand bachelor degree with first-class honours (H1)
  • An Australian/New Zealand research master’s preliminary degree, formally graded at H1 level
  • An Australian/New Zealand research master’s degree, formally graded at H1 level
  • A Monash coursework master’s degree, with a significant research component (at least 24 credit points of research projects examined by two persons not involved with supervision of the project), formally graded at High Distinction level

Qualifications not listed above will be assessed for H1 equivalence by a panel of academic staff when you submit your online application. In deciding whether your qualifications satisfy research degree entry or scholarship eligibility, we will consider your academic record, research output, prior research experience etc.

Note: scholarship applicants do not need to apply for H1 equivalence consideration. This task is undertaken by the academic unit and faculty after the scholarship application period has concluded.

In addition to academic merit, your competitiveness for scholarships is also assessed by:

  • Research experience
  • Academic publications (relative to opportunity)
  • Prior prizes and awards recognising research, writing and academic achievements
  • Alignment of your research project with the Faculty’s strategic priorities
  • Non-traditional research outputs (for students applying for practice-based degrees only).

Application closing date

Please refer to the Monash Graduate Education Scholarships page for the most up-to-date information on application closing dates.

When you submit your application online, you can indicate if you wish to be considered for:

  • Candidature position only
  • Scholarships only (for currently enrolled students)
  • Candidature position and scholarships.

Typically you will be required to upload copies of documents which include at least the following:

  • Academic curriculum vitae
  • Academic transcripts
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Proof of meeting the University’s English Language Proficiency
  • Referee reports
  • Research Proposal
  • Evidence of academic publications
  • Prior awards, scholarships and prizes.

Further documentation may be required depending on your individual circumstances. Please refer to the MGE step-by-step guide for more information.

If you have any further questions about the application form please contact the Research Degrees Admission Unit at Monash Graduate Education at

What next?

Applications are typically processed in six to eight weeks. When the assessment process has been completed you will be formally notified of the outcome of your application via email. If you have applied for a scholarship you will be advised of a scholarship decision six weeks after the closing date of the particular scholarship round.