Intensive Bioethics Course

Providing an in-depth introduction to bioethical thinking and ethical issues

Intensive Bioethics Course

The Monash Bioethics Centre offers an intensive three day course in bioethics, which is running for the 33rd time in 2017 from Friday December 1 to Monday December 4!

The Course consists of seminars, forums and discussions led by leading experts in bioethics, including:

Professor Angus Dawson, Professor Lynn Gillam, Professor Paul Menzel, Associate Professor Catherine Mills, Associate Professor Justin Oakley, Ms Fiona Patten MLC, Professor Michael Selgelid, Professor Loane Skene, Professor Bonnie Steinbock, and Dr Ryan Tonkens.

Program overview

The Course outlines general ethical frameworks and specific ethical principles underpinned by those frameworks.

It then proceeds to focus on application of these frameworks and principles to major topics and questions in contemporary bioethics, including end of life care and decision making, clinical ethics/ethics committees, research on humans, reproductive ethics, prenatal genetic screening, public health ethics, ethics of organ transplantation, dual use research, human embryonic stem cell research and the commodification of human gametes.

Who should attend?

The course is designed to provide an in-depth introduction to bioethical thinking and the ethical issues that emerge in related clinical and policy contexts.

It is designed for medical professionals (e.g. physicians, nurses, pharmacists, surgeons, medical researchers, palliative care workers, dentists, dieticians, embryologists, etc.), members of human research ethics committees, members of hospital/ institutional ethics review boards, hospital administrators, those involved or interested in public policy or advocacy work related to bioethics, those considering graduate work in bioethics or related fields, and those with a general interest in bioethics.

Program Outcomes

Program participants will:

  • gain in-depth understanding of the key ethical concepts and frameworks which inform bioethical analysis;
  • gain in-depth understanding of the major areas of focus in bioethics;
  • gain familiarity with the ethical questions raised by new developments in biotechnology, clinical practice, and research on humans;
  • apply theoretical frameworks and tools to complex practical issues in bioethics.
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Further Studies

Participants who complete the Intensive Bioethics Course may receive credit (upon meeting Monash entry requirements) towards a postgraduate coursework program in Bioethics at Monash University if they also complete a further short piece of written assessment to the required standard.

For more information see the Master of Bioethics program

Registration details

Limited places are available: for full details, including cancellation policy, see:

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