Suzan is living the dream in HWT newsroom

Monash University Honours student Suzan Delibasic is a News Corp journalist, writing for Leader Newspapers in Melbourne.

Suzan has dreamed of being a top-line newspaper reporter and she feels privileged to work alongside some of Australia’s finest journalists in the offices of the Herald & Weekly Times (HWT).

This is her story.

I have always been passionate about news writing and knew that I wanted to be a journalist from a young age.

In 2012, I completed my journalism degree at Monash University.

This got me a step closer to where I wanted to be. At the time, I hadn’t been able to undertake a lot of internships, as I was working full time while completing my degree.

In 2013, Head of Journalism at Monash University, Associate Professor Phil Chubb, suggested that I complete an internship within a major news outlet. He assisted me with getting a placement at The Age.

Throughout my time at The Age, I was working on the breaking news desk and pitched story ideas daily.

I was lucky enough to have 10 articles published both in print and online.

In 2014, I began studying a Masters in Policing, Counter Terrorism and Intelligence (Cyber Security) at Macquarie University, as I was always passionate about online security and I wanted to specialise in this area as a journalist and do further research relating to source protection/data security in journalism.

In 2016, I came back to Monash University to study my Honours in Journalism. My thesis topic is: Journalistic source protection in the age of surveillance and it’s now my ambition to complete a PhD in this field.

2016 has been a huge milestone year for me. It’s the hardest year I’ve worked and I’m really proud of all that I have achieved. I interned at Mojo – Monash Journalism’s online news site, ABCFact Check Unit and The AU Review. I also had stories published in Leader as I was pitching to them on a regular basis.

I was then fortunate enough to start working at The New Daily as a digital producer and at the same time, I landed a role as a Real Estate reporter for The Weekly Review and Domain.

I was selected by the Walkley Foundation to speak at Storyology 2016 on Senses and Satellites in Journalism storytelling. I also won three awards at the Mojo Journalism Awards Night – Best News Story and Readers’ Choice and a finalist in Best Review.

Last month, I landed my dream job working as a local News Corp reporter for LeaderNewspapers.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the great mentorship from Monash University, particularly from Julie Tullberg, Bill Birnbauer and Corinna Hente.

My best advice for student journalists is to listen to the advice given from your tutors, don’t be afraid to take criticism (it’s the only way you’ll improve) and, most importantly, show tenacity, believe in yourself and never give up on your dream.