Study in Indonesia with ACICIS!

$3,000 New Colombo Plan grants are available to undergraduate Monash University students wishing to study in Indonesia on one of ACICIS Study Indonesia in-country programs.

Summer Programs

Indonesian Language Short Course
$3,000 Grants for eligible Monash Students!
Applications close 15 September!
Development Studies Professional Practicum
$3,000 Grants for eligible Monash Students!
Applications close 15 September!

Semester Length Programs

Development Studies Immersion Program
$6,000 Grants for eligible Monash Students!
Applications close 15 September
Flexible Language Immersion Program Applications close 15 September
International Relations Program Applications close 15 September
Indonesian Business, Law and Society Program  Applications close 15 September
Agriculture Semester Program Applications close 15 September
West Java Field Study Semester Applications close 15 September




To be eligible for a New Colombo Plan (NCP) mobility grant for the ACICIS Programs you must be:

  • Undergraduate (Bachelor Pass or Honours degree) student,
  • Australian Citizen,
  • be aged between 18-28, and
  • have completed 48 Monash credit points prior to applying for study abroad credit


You will need to pay the tuition fees for the program upfront to ACICIS. No fees will be paid to Monash University for the credit achieved on your program

How to Apply


  • Submit your online application at ACICIS. You will be issued
    with a preliminary approval into your chosen program and will receive further instructions regarding the next steps involved.

Get credit approval 

  • Email to receive the link to complete Monash’s online International Study Program Form (ISP) to gain Faculty approval and to receive credit for the program. Arts Global Programs will respond confirming your eligibility for the program and where it will fit (i.e. discipline/elective) into your degree

Finalise application

  • Once you have credit confirmation from Monash, submit all required documents as requested by ACICIS to to finalise your application and obtain full approval.
  • ACICIS will notify you of the outcome of your application. If your application has been successful and you are eligible for a New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant, ACICIS will forward your application to Monash Abroad, who will contact you regarding the New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant and complementary travel insurance.


  • Arts Global Programs will enroll you in your relevant study abroad units. These will be visible on your WES within one hour of email confirmation.


Once you have returned from your Semester abroad program, ACICIS will submit a copy of your original transcript or certificate of completion to the Faculty of Arts. The Faculty of Arts will review your results for an SFR (Satisfied Faculty Requirements) or N (Fail). Please note these results do not impact your WAM.

Enquiries about the program and the available grants may be directed to ACICIS Secretariat Officer, Meg McPherson.
Phone: (08) 6488 6680