Semester Exchange to a Partner Institution

Monash University offers students the opportunity to study for 1 or 2 Semesters on Exchange at one of our many partner universities all around the world. Please visit the Monash Abroad website to find out more about Exchange and to see the list of partner universities on offer.

Program Details

The Faculty works with Monash Abroad to approve the academic component of your Exchange  program.

Arts Global Programs is responsible for Study Plan approvals, Enrolments, & Results assessment.

Application Process

For a step by step process on how to apply for semester exchange visit here

Important Faculty Information

Arts Faculty Exchange Policy

Check that you meet the eligibility requirements of the Arts Faculty Exchange Policy.

Course Progression Check

Seek course planning advice from your faculty. To request a course progression online use this Course Progression Check.

Departmental Approval
  • Studying Language, Music, or Psychology program that you want to count towards your major or minor? Get approval from your Department or School.
  • Double Degree student? You must obtain approval from both of your faculties on your study plan. You should submit a copy of your study plan into both faculties before the deadline.
  • Honours or Masters student? Get approval from your course coordinator.

Your results will be released once the Faculty has received a verified copy of your host university transcript.

  • You do not need to submit this, your host university will send this to us directly (UNLESS you studied at University of Warwick. You will receive an electronic transcript directly. Please send this to
  • All students will receive a pass (SFR) or fail (NFR) for their exchange units UNLESS you studied a unit that will be counted towards a LLCL Major or Minor. Find out more.

Financial information

  • Loans: There are a number of loans available to assist you in financing your overseas study program.
  • Travel Insurance: All outgoing students will receive complementary travel insurance.
  • Tuition Fees:  Monash students will be charged fees according to their verified funding status. This fee will appear on your Monash Fee Statement. Non-Monash students must contact to enquire about tuition fees.
  • Scholarships: There are many scholarships available to you. Find out what you’re eligible for!


Does the Arts Faculty provide pre-approved unit lists for the various Exchange Partners?

As the Arts Faculty are quite flexible with the units students can choose to study whilst on exchange they do not provide pre-approved unit lists.

Why do we assess study plans?

  • To ensure the units in your host country can count towards your major / minor
  • To ensure the teaching level of the units fits in your course progression
  • To assess credit point equivalency

Is exchange hard to apply for? 

It is not hard but it is long. You will need to plan your exchange over a year in advance


How many semesters can I study on exchange?

Arts students can exchange for up to three semesters

What is the minimum credit points I can study on exchange?

18 cps

Can I overload on exchange?


I can’t find any unit outlines on my host university website. What do I do? 

Host university websites can be very confusing. Often it takes longer than you think to find what you need. We recommend you search through the search bar on the host’s website, through specific departments (as there may not be a ‘handbook’ like we have at Monash) or do a Google search (often this picks up links that may be broken on the host’s website). If there are no unit outlines available on their site, you will need to make a request for certain unit outlines through Monash Abroad. This often takes a very long time

I have been accepted onto exchange, can I enrol via WES? 

No, students cannot not enrol in exchange units via WES. To ensure you will receive credit for these units and that they have been approved toward an area of study relevant to your degree, you must submit a proxy exchange enrolment form electronically. The Arts Learning Abroad Coordinator will send you the link once your acceptance email has been received by the Faculty

Do I have to apply for the Monash Abroad Travel Scholarship

No, there is no additional application. Monash Abroad will distribute the scholarships to all students approved to study on exchange and study abroad and who are deemed eligible

I am currently on Centrelink, can the Faculty write me an enrolment letter so my payments continue while I’m overseas?

Arts Global Programs can provide a letter confirming your enrolment overseas for Centrelink purposes. If you wish to request a letter, please fill out the form here

Please ensure that check your eligibility, under the ‘managing your payment’ tab on the Austudy website. 

If my enrolment at my host university changes and I do not update the Arts Faculty about these changes, what could be the financial and academic penalties that I could occur? 

If you do not update the Faculty on changes to your enrolment, there may be financial and academic penalties. There is more information on the penalties on the ‘Changing your enrolment: Add or discontinue units’ webpage

It has been 6 months since I have returned from my exchange. Why are my results not yet updated on my WES?

Faculties must wait for your host university to send an original transcript to Monash Abroad. Monash Abroad will then send the Faculties a certified copy. So if your results are not updated, it means the Faculty has not yet received your transcript. If you have received a transcript from your host university directly, please take your transcript to Monash Abroad.

I have an N on my transcript but I passed all of my units at my host institution. Why is this the case and how can I change it? 

This may mean two things: i) your host university transcript sent to the Faculty is missing a mark – please contact Monash Abroad and request for an updated transcript; OR ii) you have not completed the correct amount of host university and therefore the Faculty has failed you for the equivalent Monash credit.