Global Intercampus Program – Monash Malaysia (GIP)

Credit Points 18 – 48
Overseas Dates Semester 1 and/or 2
Location Monash Malaysia
Program Type Intercampus Program
Arts Eligibility See here


Program Details

Studying part of your degree at one of our international campuses is an ideal way to see the world. Transform your thinking and enhance your career while you benefit from our funding and support services.

Arts Faculty Application Process

Step 1. Request a Course Progression Check online from the Arts Faculty.
Use the comments section to ask “How many units do I have free for Major/Minor/Electives on intercampus exchange and at what level should these unit be?”
Step 2. Download and complete electronic study plan.
Include URL links to Course Outlines for AT LEAST 6 units you wish to study.  (Include learning outcomes, unit synopsis, information on assessments and number of contact hours.)
Step 3. Study Plan – Department Approval
Take your completed study plan to Arts Student Services, Level 2, Menzies building who will assess and sign as approved.   
Extra approval is also required if you are:

Studying Language, Music, or Psychology units towards your major or minor Approval from your Department or School
Double Degree student Approval from both of your faculties
Honours or Masters student Approval from your course coordinator

You need to then take this study plan and any extra approval required (see above) and submit it as per Step 4 below.  Please ensure you complete this step by the study plan deadline.

Step 4. Submit your study plan – click the link here!
It can take some time for us to check and approve your study plan.  Please ensure it is complete with links that work!  If we need to follow up for broken URL links the process takes much longer.
Step 5. Once your application is submitted, we begin the assessment process.
If you are successful in your application, we’ll send you an offer to join the program – usually about six weeks after you lodge your application. Congratulations, you’re on your way!

You will receive a mark and grade for units completed at Monash Malaysia at the same time as results are released in Australia.

Visit the Monash Abroad Website for more information on the full application process and Eligibility.