Intercampus Exchange to Monash Malaysia

Credit Points 18 – 48
Overseas Dates Semester 1 and/or 2
Location Monash Malaysia
Program Type Intercampus Exchange

Program Details

Study at our international teaching location in Malaysia! Established in 1998 in Bandar Sunway (18kms from Kuala Lumpur),Monash Malaysia is Monash’s first international campus. Intercampus Exchange to Monash Malaysia is available to all Monash Australia students provided they have room within their degree. Units may be found in the Monash University Handbook.

For more information on the exchange and study abroad programs, please visit the Monash Abroad website.

Key Dates

Semester 1 Exchange Semester 2 Exchange
Study Plan Due  15 September (year before) 20 February (of same year)
Pre-Departure Session (Compulsory) November June



The Malaysia package is the best package students can receive for a Monash approved exchange program!

Package inclusions Amount
Monash Abroad Scholarship A$1,000
Sponsored student pass to Malaysia
Airfare reimbursement ** MYR1800 (approx A$585)
Free on campus accommodation MYR5750 (approx A$1,700)
Free airport pick up

*Please note, you must be a current Monash Student and an Australian or South African citizen or permanent resident to apply
**Please note, students should not book flights until after your have received approval from by Monash Malaysia and Monash Abroad.

Application Process

Start Researching

1. Check that you meet the eligibility requirements of the Arts Faculty Exchange Policy.

2. Visit the Monash Abroad Website for more information on the full application process.

3. Request a Course Progression Check online from the Arts Faculty. Use the comments section to ask “How many units do I have free for Major/Minor/Electives on intercampus exchange?”.

Prepare your Study Plan

4. Download and complete electronic study plan.

5. Find URL links to Course Outlines for the units you wish to study (you will paste these into your online submission form).  Please ensure you provide information for AT LEAST 6 units (this allows for changes to country such as units getting cancelled or being full).

  • Course Outlines should include learning outcomes, unit synopsis, information on assessments and number of contact hours.

Departmental Approval 

  • Studying Language, Music, or Psychology units towards your major or minor? Get approval from your Department or School.
  • Double Degree student? You must obtain approval from both of your faculties on your study plan. You should submit a copy of your study plan into both faculties before the deadline.
  • Honours or Masters student? Get approval from your course coordinator.

Submit your study plan

6. Gather your course progression check, completed study plan form, links to course outlines and departmental approval if required.

7. Submit your study plan here!

  • It can take some time for us to check and approve your study plan.  This process is assisted by having all the required information submitted at the same time.  When we need to follow up (e.g. where website links are broken) the process takes much longer.

Apply to Monash Abroad

8. Once you have received your approved study plan, please submit your full Monash Abroad Exchange & Study Abroad Application Form (that includes your approved study plan) to Monash Abroad by the appropriate deadline.

When you get back

9. Your results will be released at the same as results are released in Australia.

  • Students will receive a mark and grade for units completed at Monash Malaysia.

Financial information

  • Loans: There are a number of loans available to assist you in financing your overseas study program.
  • Travel Insurance: All outgoing students will receive complementary travel insurance.
  • Tuition Fees:  Monash students will be charged fees according to their verified funding status. This fee will appear on your Monash Fee Statement. Non-Monash students must contact to enquire about tuition fees.
  • Scholarships: There are many scholarships available to you. Find out what you’re eligible for!


Is intercampus exchange hard to apply for? The intercampus exchange application is simple! (well, much simpler than applying for exchange with a partner university!) You will need to have you study plan approved by the Faculty before you submit your full application to Monash Abroad  about three months before you fly out.

I have only completed 42 cps by the Monash Abroad deadline, can I still apply? Unfortunately, you must have completed 48 cps by the time you apply.

How many semesters can I study on intercampus exchange? Australian students can exchange for two semesters.

When should I expect to receive my letter of offer from Malaysia? For students studying in Semester 1: mid-late November. For students studying in Semester 2: mid-late May.

Can I overload on intercampus exchange? No.

Will I receive marks and grades for my Malaysia units? Yes. These marks will affect your WAM.

Do I have to apply for the Malaysia Package: No, there is no additional application. Monash Abroad will distribute the package to all students approved to study in Malaysia and who are deemed eligible.

I am currently on Centrelink, can the Faculty write me an enrolment letter so my payments continue while I’m overseas? Yes, please email