Arts Study Programs and Tours

Credit points: 6 – 12

Overseas dates: Summer and Winter Semesters and Semester 2 in Prato

Locations: Europe, Asia, Americas

Program type: Short-term faculty-led programs, including Arts in Prato programs



Summer (December/January) Programs 


How to Apply

  1. Read the full application process
  2. Check to see if there are any specific application requirements for your chosen program on the programs page.
  3. Check to see if your program’s application is open. If applications are not open, you cannot yet apply. Please submit your expression of interest here *

*Art Study Tour units have a minimum number of students to be able to go ahead. Students should not make any travel arrangements until the Faculty has endorsed their application and confirmed the program will be going ahead.

**Incomplete applications will not be assessed

Funding and Financial Assistance

Students may be eligible for financial assistance and government funding.

Financial Assistance Amount
OS-Help Loan* $3000 – $7764
Monash Abroad Travel Scholarship $500 – $2500
New Colombo Plan Mobility Funding $2,500 – $6,000
New Colombo Plan Scholarships $3,000
Monash Global Scholarship $4,000
Monash Global Equity Grant $2,500 – $4,000
Global Scholars Program** $3,000

*Students who have achieved less than 48 credit points by time of loan application assessment (approx. 6 weeks prior to the program commencement date) and students who are not enrolled full-time under the Bachelors degree during their international experience (eg. Diploma students) are not eligible for the OS-Help Loan.

** Bachelor of Global Studies students eligible only

Travel Insurance

All outgoing students will receive complementary travel insurance.

To view the coverage, visit the Insurance Services website.


Refund Policy

Where Arts International Study Program (ISP) application and/or other program fees (excluding tuition fees) are paid to the University* and until the student’s Travel Insurance policy is active**, the refund policy outlined in the table below will apply:

Circumstance Refund of Application Fee Refund of Program Fee
Unsuccessful application Yes (100%) Yes (100%)
Withdrawal before application deadline Yes (100%) Yes (100%)
Withdrawal 90+ days prior to program start date No Yes (100%)
Withdrawal 60 – 89 days prior to program start date No Yes (50%)
Withdrawal 0 – 59 days prior to program start date No No
Program cancelled by Faculty Yes (100%) Yes (100%)

*Where application and/or other program fees are paid to an external travel service provider, the cancellation and refund policy of the travel service provider will be applied instead of the Faculty’s policy.

**Once Monash Abroad has approved the student’s ISP application, the student’s travel insurance policy becomes active and students would need to make any relevant claims for refunds to the travel insurance provider.

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