Global Scholars Program

The Arts Global Scholars Program is designed to create future leaders for social change. This is at the heart of the Bachelor of Global Studies degree.

The program is designed to add to your international study component of your degree by challenging you to engage with your international experience, to step outside and reflect on the people and culture of your chosen destination and to return to Monash and foster a culture of study abroad in Arts.


Program details

There are 30 Global Scholars places and 30 x $3000 scholarships for 2017. The scholarship will assist Global Scholars with the costs associated with the international study component of the Bachelor of Global Studies.

Being a Global Scholar requires organisation and enthusiasm. You will be required to participate in a number of different activities both before, during and after your international study experience.

Global Scholar Blogs



– Pre-departure –

Like all outbound students, Global Scholars must also attend the compulsory Monash Abroad pre-departure session and the Bachelor of Global Studies’ Make the Most of your Experience seminar.

– While overseas –

While overseas, Global Scholars will be required to write about one of the following topics  and submit a 500 word summary/blog/video about it:

  1. Social change and innovation within your host community: how are locals making a different in their and/or the global community?
  2. Career development: have your career goals changed and developed because of your experience? Who have you met or what has brought about this development?
  3. What it means to be an outsider in your host community: have you faced many challenges? Can you identify any cultural aspects that have sparked a change in your thinking?

– Your Global Scholars Semester –

As a Global Scholar, you will be part of a growing network of past and present BGS students, who are fostering a culture of study abroad within Arts!

Global Scholars will also be responsible for communicating study overseas opportunities to other BGS and Arts students! This may be in the form of doing a Facebook post, a lecture presentation or contributing to our monthly newsletter! And definitely, in the form of assisting at University promotional events – for example Monash Open Day, Monash Abroad Exchange and Experience Expo or Orientation Week. These are really fun events where you will be able to share your overseas experience with other students!

But most importantly, we want other students to hear of your experience directly, so Global Scholars will host at least three regional mentorship meetings. What are RMMs? They are meetings with 1+ current students who are interested in studying in the region where you studied.

When you return, it will also be important for you to attend the Bachelor of Global Studies Global Career Session and to participate on the Monash Student Futures platform for your own personal benefit. As a Global Scholar, you have the opportunity to develop skills in a number of areas. Arts Learning Abroad has teamed up with Monash Student Futures to help you identify some of these skills and articulate them to employers. The Faculty can also write you an endorsement based on your performance during your Global Scholars Semester through this platform!

Sound like a cool program to you? Come join us!


  1. You must be enrolled in the Bachelor of Global Studies.
  2. You must meet the overseas eligibility requirements for your chosen opportunity
  3. You must be studying overseas in 2017
  4. You must return to Monash for at least one semester after your overseas program.

How to apply

Applications open: September 2017

Applications close: October 2017

Application process:

Complete the application form attaching:

  1. Updated CV
  2. Statement highlighting any financial hardship associated with completing the international component of your Bachelor of Global Studies (not mandatory)
  3. Statement of up to 500 words that answers the following questions (mandatory):
    • Why do you think you would be a great global Scholar?
    • How would you benefit from the program?
    • How will you use the overseas component of your degree to improve your skills and expand your understanding of your Specialisation?

Selection process

  1. A selection panel will meet in November  to select successful applicants for the Global Scholars Program
  2. Selection will be based on academic merit, your statement accompanying your application and any financial hardship
  3. Successful applicants will be notified in December