Medieval Italy: Sites of Encounter Study Tour

Credit points: 12

Unit: ATS2957 / ATS3957 

Location: Monash Prato Centre, Italy

Coordinator: Professor Constant Mews and Dr Nathan Wolski

Program type: Arts Semester in Prato


Program details

This unit explores medieval Italy from the eleventh to the fourteenth centuries as a site of encounter between a range of religious and cultural traditions: Islam, Judaism and both Latin and Greek Christianity, all sharing a common debt to classical antiquity. Taught in Prato, but involving travel to various locations in Italy. The unit provides an opportunity to understand the complex web of cultural interactions between Islam and Christianity in Sicily and southern Italy, as well as between Christians and Jews in Tuscany and other parts of northern Italy. It thus provides a wider context to understand medieval Italy and the writings of Dante in particular. The unit will involve close analysis of the built environments of medieval Italy and of the cultural artefacts surviving from the period to examine how both religious segregation and interaction shaped its culture.


2017 Sem 2 Program 
Pre-Departure Session (Compulsory) 17 May
Melbourne Dates 20 November (Seminar)
Overseas Dates 23 November –9 December (Block 3)
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Deposit (Paid on application) $500
Balance  (Paid on acceptance into program) $2,050
Total  $2,550

Program Fee includes:

  • Travel during the study tour
  • All accommodation for 3 weeks on tour
  • Entry into all activities and sites
  • Most meals



Monash students will be charged fees according to their verified funding status. This fee will appear on your Monash Fee Statement. Non-Monash students must contact to enquire about tuition fees.


  • Some meals
  • Spending money (varies for each study tour)
  • International return airfare**

* Please note, students should not book flights until after your application has been endorsed by the Faculty and the Faculty has confirmed the program will be going ahead.


How to Apply

Applications open: Applications for 2018 Semester 2 will open November 2017.

Applications close: Applications for 2017 Semester 2 are now closed.

Application process: 

  1. Read the full application process
  2. Register your Expression of Interest for 2018 Semester 2 Program here.

* Art Study Tour units have a minimum number of students to be able to go ahead. Students should not make any travel arrangements until the Faculty has endorsed their application and confirmed the program will be going ahead.