Arts Semester in Prato

Credit Points 6 – 24 credit points
Location Monash Prato Centre, Italy
Overseas Dates September – December 2018
Applications Open  2018 Applications Closed
Applications Process See here for how to apply

Program Details

The Arts Semester in Prato program is flexible, immersive and enriching. Don’t want to study overseas for a full semester? Tailor your time in Prato to suit your needs!

The Semester runs from September to December and is broken up into 3 blocks. You can study in Prato for 1, 2 or 3 blocks. Each block is 4 weeks long and offers units from various areas of study. You can study 6 or 12 points per block, but a maximum of 24 points across all 3 blocks.


Prato is a beautiful and historic Italian city, surrounded by medieval walls and set in a picturesque Tuscan landscape. Prato is also within easy reach of other cities such as Florence, Venice and Rome, which makes it a perfect base for exploring Italy and beyond.

Want more information about the Monash Prato Centre? Visit the Arts in Prato website!

Site currently migrating. 2019 offerings will be available in the coming weeks. Please complete our expression of interest form to indicate your interest and you will be the first to know when applications are opening.

2018 Units

Block 1 | 24 September – 19 October

Intensive Introductory Italian 1 (ATS1229/ATS2229)
Human Rights in the Criminal Justice Sphere (ATS2465/ATS3465)
Screening Contemporary Europe (ATS2295/ATS3295)

Block 2 | 22 October – 16 November

Intensive Introductory Italian 2 (ATS1230/ATS2230)
Cultural Diversity in Contemporary Europe (ATS2619/ATS3319)
Global Connections: Understanding Cultural Literacy (ATS3302) – NOT OFFERED IN 2018

Block 3 | 19 November – 14 December

The European Union from Consensus to Crisis (ATS2275/ATS3275)
Italian Proficient 2 (ATS3247)
Italian Transformations: Reading and Writing Self-Discovery (ATS2164/ATS3164)
The Italian City: Historical and Literary Perspectives (ATS2898/ATS3898)
Audio Culture: From Cage to Gaga (ATS2799) – NOT OFFERED IN 2018
Study Tours
The Renaissance in Florence (ATS2612/ATS3612)
Global Creative Cities (ATS3215)
Text and Community in Medieval and Renaissance Italy (ATS3311/ATS4311)
*All block offerings are subject to change

2019 Units

Block 1

Intensive Introductory Italian 1 (ATS1229/ATS2229)
Modern Italian Political Thought (ATS2276/3276)
War and Memory: Resistance, Massacre and Representation in Second World War Italy (ATS2335/ATS3135)
Screening Contemporary Europe (ATS2295/ATS3295)

Block 2

Intensive Introductory Italian 2 (ATS1230/ATS2230)
Cultural Intelligence (ATS3064)
Inscribing Italy (ATS2444 /ATS3444)

Block 3

Italian Proficient 2 (ATS3247)
The European Union from Consensus to Crisis (ATS2275/ATS3275)
Crime in Italian popular culture (ATS3939)

Study Tours

Study tour in Italy: Etruscan and Roman archaeology (ATS2344/ATS3344)
Medieval Italy: Sites of encounter (ATS2957/ATS3957)
Text and Community in Medieval and Renaissance Italy (ATS3311/ATS4311)
*All block offerings are subject to change


Program Fees

  Units  Study Tours
Deposit (Paid on application) $300 $500
Balance  (Paid on acceptance) $0 $1,500- $5,500
Total $300 / unit $2,000 – $6,000/ study tour*

* The Program Fee is in addition to your Monash tuition fees

* Program Fee will vary depending on unit/study tour. Please see individual program pages for information on program fee and what is included and excluded

Accommodation Fees

For security, safety and visa requirements, all students undertaking units in Block 1, 2 or 3 must stay in Monash-approved accommodation in Prato. For this reason, Monash University will arrange your accommodation in Prato. Non-refundable accommodation deposits are required prior to application approval.

If you are undertaking a Study Tour in Block 3, the accommodation deposit is built into your program fee for this block.

  1 Block 2 Blocks 3 Blocks
Deposit (Paid on application) $500 $1,000 $1,500
Balance  (Paid on acceptance) TBC* TBC* TBC*
* Multiple shared types/prices of accommodation will be available – Arts Global Programs will liaise with you once your application has been approved. Special requests may incur a supplement fee

How to Apply


  • Start planning at least 1 year in advance
  • Start saving! Upfront payments are required, and loans and scholarships will not be available before the program fee due dates. Make sure you have sufficient funds available.
  • Check that you meet the eligibility requirements for Arts Study Tours.
  • Request a course progression check online from Arts Student Services. Use the comments section to ask “Will [Unit code(s) and Title(s)] fit my course progression?”. Please note, it can take up to 10 business days for Student Services to process your request. 
    The deadline for requesting your course progression check for the Semester in Prato is Friday 19 March. 

    • Double degree student? If your Managing Faculty is Business & Economics, Education or Medical Sciences, you must also obtain written approval from your Managing Faculty and upload this to your application.
    • Non Arts Degree? You must obtain written approval from the Managing Faculty of your course.


  • Have the following things prepared for the Pre-Decision stage of your application through MAP
    • a scanned copy of your passport to upload
    • a copy of your course progression check to upload
    • consider your need to apply  for an OS HELP Loan
    • your personal statement of maximum 250 words which must specifically address the following questions:
      • why would you like to undertake this program?
      • what do you hope to learn from this program?
      • how do you plan to manage the intensive study workload? List the strategies and resources you would use.
      • when group dynamics become uncomfortable, what strategies do you put in place to maintain a positive experience?
    • your bank account details. Your Monash Abroad Scholarship, OS HELP Loan, and any other scholarships will be paid into this account
    • pay the deposit* of your program fee(s) and your accommodation fee via You must pay these fees BEFORE you can submit your application.
  • After you have submitted your application through MAP, you can check the status of your application through ‘My Inbox’ or ‘My Applications’


  • You will receive an email from the Arts Global Programs notifying you of the outcome of your application (approx 2 weeks after the application closing date)
  • You will need to log back into MAP to complete additional Post Decision steps to commit to the program
  • You will receive an approval email from Monash Abroad which will confirm the details of your Monash Abroad Travel Scholarship, OS HELP Loan and Complimentary Travel Insurance
  • You will be manually enrolled into your unit code by Arts Global Programs


  • You will receive your Monash Abroad Travel Scholarship and OS-HELP Loan (if applicable) approximately 2-4 weeks before departure**
  • All students must attend a compulsory pre-departure session approximately 4 weeks before departure***
  • Download the Respect.Now.Always app before departure
* Please note that deposits are not refundable except in the case that your application is not successful. Read the full refund procedure.
** Upfront payments must be made; these loans and scholarships will not be available before the program fee due dates
*** Arts Study Tours have a minimum number of students to be able to go ahead. Students should not make any travel arrangements until the Faculty has endorsed their application and confirmed the program will be going ahead.

Financial Information


Find out more about scholarships and loans available.


  • Travel Insurance: All outgoing students will receive complementary travel insurance.
  • Tuition Fees:  Monash students will be charged fees according to their verified funding status. This fee will appear on your Monash Fee Statement. Non-Monash students must contact to enquire about tuition fees.
  • Refund Procedure: Please read our refund policy carefully before applying.