The European Union from Consensus to Crisis

Credit points: 6

Unit code: ATS2275 / ATS3275

Location: Monash Prato Centre, Italy

Coordinator: Dr Ben Wellings

Program type:  Arts Semester in Prato


Program details

The European Union is a unique historic and political achievement. It helped turn Europe into a zone of peace and contributed to the consolidation of democracy in the post-fascist and communist eras. Yet it is also a polity in profound crisis. It is challenged from within by critics of its own democratic credentials in the wake of the Eurozone crisis and from without by security threats from a resurgent Russia and an influx of refugees. Students completing this unit in Prato will gain a deep understanding of the origins of today’s European Union and the pathologies of its multiple crises.

–  KEY DATES  – 

2017 Sem 2 Program  2018 Sem 2 Program
Pre-Departure Session (Compulsory) 17 May 2017 May 2018
Overseas Dates 20 November – 15 December 2017 (Block 3) 19 November – 14 December 2018 (Block 3)
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Total  $300


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