Careers in the Creative and Cultural industries

At a time of ever evolving opportunities in the cultural and creative industries, experts say there’s actually a gap in workforce knowledge and experience – a great reason to get started with a Monash Master in Cultural and Creative Industries!

The course will help you to develop an advanced understanding of the distinctiveness of cultural and creative industries business models, and of the economic, cultural and urban policy settings in which they operate. You will gain insight into how to initiate and manage projects, and how to evaluate their success.

As a program closely tuned to the specific character of this sector, it will equip you with skills of independent problem-solving and entrepreneurship, report writing and analysis which will allow you to forge a rewarding career in this rapidly evolving field.

Master of Cultural and Creative Industries is a new program, and our first graduates have begun to seek work in a range of fields including media companies, arts institutions, events management, local government, public policy agencies, and private sector cultural enterprises. Potential jobs include:

  • local government’s cultural department on policy planning, research and implementation;
  • museums, art galleries and other public cultural institutions;
  • traditional media organisations (film, TV and Press) on industry analysis and business models;
  • new media industries (for example, animation and social media) on industry analysis, marketing, PR and business models;
  • not-for-profit cultural organisations on business and program strategy, development partnerships, grants application, operation and marketing;
  • for-profit cultural organisations on social business and sustainable development (for example, the operation of creative clusters, marketing and PR)
  • companies in the cultural import and export industries on the supply chain development of these industries;
  • consultation for developing business plans in the cultural and creative industries.
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