Xin Gu

Dr Xin Gu is a leading researcher in the convergent field of culture, economy and digital technology and making them relevant to the Asian Century.

Xin has a strong policy and industry engagement record. She worked with UK policy initiatives designed to support local creative industries development including Creative Industries Development Services (CIDS) and Forum of Creative Industries (FOCI) in UK.

She has also worked closely with key agencies charged with the development of creative industries in cities in China and Australia, witnessing the transformation of cities and narratives of ‘creative industries’ under different social, economic and political conditions.

In particular Xin has been interested in how Western discourses have translated into the Asian context, and what that says about both convergences and divergences in the global cultural economy.

Xin is a lecturer in the School of Media, Film and Journalism (MFJ) at Monash, and she teaches ‘Media Empire and Entrepreneurs’ and  ‘Culture and Creative Industries’ in the Monash Master of Cultural and Creative Industries.

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