More Testimonials

Holly Humphreys

“Not only did I learn practical techniques, but I also benefited from the wealth of knowledge and quality of teaching presented by my lecturers (who were experts in the industry), which they delivered with a personal touch; they were encouraging, genuine, and inspiring, which I am extremely grateful for.”

Holly Humphreys, winner of the Walkley Student Journalist of the Year

Chris Kohler

“Doing a Master of Journalism and International Relations at Monash has been valuable and worthwhile. This course was engaging and challenging, with some of the finest teachers I’ve ever come across. I now head into journalism with confidence and am excited to apply my knowledge.”

Chris Kohler, The Australian

Katie Weiss

“The Monash course has given me indispensable tools to succeed in the competitive media industry, and I am forever indebted to it. Lecturers in the course generously introduced me to invaluable contacts, job opportunities and, most importantly, gave me vital skills to source work and remain on top of my game.”

Katie Weiss, Media Officer at Charles Darwin University