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Masters Degrees with Monash Arts

Our Masters degrees in humanities and social sciences offer the international and local experience you need to get your career moving. Gain valuable insights and build networks through industry engagements, internships, research options and international field schools.

Experience that shapes your career

Hear what our alumni and current students have to say about the experience and skills they gained in their Masters degree, and how this has played a significant role in shaping their career.

vicki-peel-welcomeThe Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

As Director of Graduate Coursework Programs in the Faculty of Arts, I am pleased to welcome you to the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (GSHSS) community.

Our Masters degrees offer a wealth of international and local experience through industry engagement, internships and field schools.

Our academic mentors are specialists in their field who will challenge your thinking and extend your knowledge in a collegial learning environment. Our programs also encourage the development of research skills for career practice or further academic study.

Throughout your degree you will engage with a vibrant mix of students from across the world with whom you will share knowledge and understandings and forge lasting friendships. I look forward to meeting you during the course of your studies and my best wishes for the academic year.

- Dr Vicki Peel, Director of Graduate Programs

Internships while you study

Internship units in your Master’s degree are a great way to develop practical experience in your field while building new contacts and networks.


Sonia – interning at the Hawthorn Football Club

Sonia Constandelos is a 2nd Year Master of Communications and Media Studies student, currently doing a ‘Digital Media’ internship with the Hawthorn Football Club at Waverly Park, just down the road from Monash’s Clayton campus.

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Amanda – interned in Cambodia with SEED Monash

Master of International Development Practice (MIDP) student, Amanda Taylor, did a 6 week internship in Cambodia with SEED Monash, a student volunteer development organisation.

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Graduate facilities

We have a number of facilities available for Graduate Students to use across our campuses in Australia.

A new multi-million dollar media centre will be available to students of the Master of Journalism and Master of Communications and Media Studies courses in 2016, allowing for state-of-the art teaching, production and research.

The newly refurbished Graduate Lounge is for the exclusive use of Arts Graduate Coursework students, and is open 7 days a week. With comfortable furnishings, and access to tea/coffee facilities, graduate students can use the lounge to network, collaborate or just relax.


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For all inquiries about the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences please contact Dr Vicki Peel, Director of Graduate Programs email: Dr Vicki Peel

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