Graduate Leadership Program

placeholder-gshssAre you are a high-achieving graduate coursework student eager to develop career building leadership and self-management skills in a supportive environment?

Do you want to network with like-minded highly motivated graduate coursework students as part of a prestigious faculty-run program overseen by the faculty’s Director of Graduate Programs?

Then the Graduate Leadership Program is for you!


What is the Graduate Leadership Program?

The program comprises a workshop series conducted from February to September in areas critical to your development as a professional leader. These skills are then applied through your active learning as a peer mentor and in faculty engagement.

As a Graduate Leader you will be thanked and awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Dean of Arts at the formal Postgraduate Dinner held in October each year.

Graduate Leadership Program Workshop Series

A specially devised face-to-face workshop series to build core competencies is conducted between February and September. The series also includes online resources and 12 months email support in the implementation of your Plan for Professional Success.

You will be encouraged to translate the expertise and experience of your Master’s program into your personal professional aspirations through the program workshop series. The series is designed to build core competencies critical to professional leaders in international contexts.

See the 2018 Graduate Leadership Program Workshop Series below for approximate length and time of offering (TBC), specific learning outcomes and approach.

2018 Graduate Leadership Program Workshop Series

Time Workshop
Friday 16 February
10.30 – 4.30 pm
1. Exploring Leadership.
Leadership is a complex phenomenon. In this workshop participants explore a Values and Service Leadership approach to understand the varieties of leadership practice and to identify explicit leadership behaviours which can be adopted in their own lives.2. Why Networking is Important and how to do it!
Networking is a key aspect of professional success. Learn why it is so beneficial to your career and how to make most effective use of this important skill.Program Welcome Lunch and Networking Included
Thursday 22 February
1 – 4 pm
3. Effective Mentoring
Effective mentoring builds core skills in listening and communicating, developing trust and capabilities in others, and in identifying and working toward personal goals.
Friday 2 March
3-4 pm
4. Mentoring Meet-and-Greet 1
Meet your first semester graduate coursework students who you will be mentoring for semester 1 2018.
Saturday 21 April
10 – 1 pm
5. Plan for Professional Success**
Clearly define success beyond graduation and build knowledge of the six vital strategies that are required for professional and personal success. Develop a plan that will enable you to know what you need to do to create your desired personal and professional success.
**Includes online access to webinars and email support focussed on overcoming challenges associated with implementing your plan. Accessible to Graduate Leaders for 12 months from the date of the workshop.
Thursday 19 July
1 – 3.30pm
6. Inter-cultural communication for global careers 1
Enables participants to identify their own level of the intercultural competency and create a plan to develop in this critical area of international communication.
Friday 27 July
3 – 4 pm
7. Mentoring Meet-and-Greet 2
Meet first semester graduate coursework students who you will be mentoring for semester 2 2018.
Friday 14 September
10 – 1pm
8. Practising focus and principles for high performance
Knowing how to be productive requires focus and the ability to learn quickly and be able to prioritise effectively. This seminar provides an understanding of principles for deliberate practice and prioritising high leverage tasks.9. Inter-cultural communication for global careers 2

Peer Mentoring and Faculty Engagement

Peer mentoring and contributing to faculty activities are a great opportunity to extend your practice in leadership and to build important networks while you are still studying. These ‘active leadership’ roles enable practice in organisation, communication, inter-personal and inter-cultural skills which form the basis of the program workshop series.

As a Graduate Leader you will act as a positive role model to other graduate students who are in their first semester at Monash through a supported peer mentoring program. Each Graduate Leader will be allocated a maximum of three new graduate students each semester while they are in the program. Training workshops and informal meeting-up sessions with your mentees are organised to assist you in this important role during the year.

Additionally, as Graduate Leaders you will be asked to assist faculty in a minimum of one activity during the year. A range of options will be provided ranging from a small time commitment, such as volunteering to assist at a graduate expo, to a greater time allocation such as working with the faculty or marketing or alumni team on the annual graduation dinner event. We understand your time is limited so your assistance may be as small or large as you choose.

Who can apply?

You are eligible to apply for the Graduate Leadership Program if you have:

  • Completed at least one semester in an Arts graduate coursework program
  • Still a full year of study to complete in 2018
  • Achieved an average of 70 Distinction or higher in your graduate coursework study at Monash

Please note that places are limited and that Graduate Leaders are selected via competitive application.

Your commitment to the leadership and mentoring training and all components of ‘active leadership’ is assumed on acceptance of a place in the scheme.

Closing date for applications

The program will close on Thursday 25 January, 2018.

Please note: Places are limited.

How to apply

Complete the Online Application Form for the 2018 scheme NOW…

You will need to sign in with your Monash student user name and password.
If you are using Chrome and signed in with your personal Gmail Account you will need to sign out, or change to a different browser

Outcome and notification

Graduate Leaders will be announced on Friday 2 February, 2018.

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