GSHSS Leadership Fellows Program

placeholder-gshssThe GSHSS Leadership Fellows Program is an initiative of the Faculty of Arts. The program is a unique opportunity for high achieving graduate coursework students to foster career building leadership and self-management skills in a supportive environment.

Fellows will be given opportunities to develop their future leadership potential and learn more about the leadership styles best suited to them while contributing to meaningful change designed to enrich the social and learning experience of their graduate peers.


The scheme will be open to 24 graduate coursework students selected via competitive application. Both domestic and international students are encouraged to apply.



Facilitated by the Arts Faculty Director of Graduate Programs and specialist staff, the program offers:

  • Formal instruction to identify and enhance personal leadership capabilities (Active Learning);
  • Design of a personal graduate leadership profile
  • Opportunities to make a positive difference within Monash and the wider community through direct participation in university management activities and student-led projects (Leadership in Practice);
  • Opportunities to build personal and professional networks through engagement with peers, senior members of the faculty, professional and community leaders.
  • Formal recognition of engagement with the scheme.


There are two components in the program structure; Active learning and Leadership in practice.

1. ‘Active learning’ is designed to build leadership competency and reflective practice. Through a series of leadership workshops, key themes will be examined and skills developed including:

    • Assumptions about leadership
    • Challenges of leadership in practice
    • Developing a personal approach to leadership
    • Cross-cultural communication in leadership
    • Effective team building
    • Event and project management

The ‘Active learning’ calendar comprises:

    • One full day welcome event and leadership workshop series part 1 held in orientation week
    • One full day weekend leadership workshop series parts 2 and 3 held at Caulfield campus in March
    • Two ‘leadership in context’ evening speaker forums held in May and September
    • One concluding half day event held in November comprising workshop series part 4 and delivery of fellows leadership certificates

A fellow’s commitment to all components of ‘active learning’ and ‘leadership in practice’ is assumed on acceptance of a place in the scheme.

2. ‘Leadership in practice’ is the active contribution of fellows toward enhancing the social and academic experience of student peers. Fellows will be allocated one of the four portfolios where they will take part in developing a suitable initiative through self-directed activities.

Portfolio activities provide an opportunity to apply learning from the formal instructional component of the program. As a framework for engaging in ‘leadership in practice’, these portfolio groups will develop a minimum of one proposal/event designed to enhance the graduate student experience or undertake wider community outreach. Undertaking a team challenge will enable fellows to experience the core leadership processes of setting direction, aligning efforts, building commitment and delivering results.

As part of the application process, fellows will rank in order of preference their choice of the following 4 portfolios:

  1. Social networking: supportive events and projects designed to engage and stimulate graduate students.
  2. Career development: skills development for career enhancement through workshops and presentations, and assisting with connecting peers to existing university based opportunities for career development and in the development of leadership, ‘managing your message’ and other ’21st century skills’ across the cohort.
  3. Academic enhancement: research and study development activities including connecting graduate students with existing university based learning skills resources and with peer mentors.
  4. Arts graduate outreach: targeted engagement with other groups in the Monash community to the mutual benefit of graduate students and the wider student cohort.

Portfolio facilitators

Each portfolio will be assigned two facilitators from among the fellows. These facilitators will serve as an executive for the whole program providing a source of information across portfolios and to faculty about ongoing activities and attending monthly meetings.

Faculty representation

Fellows will be called upon to undertake a minimum of one specified university service during the year. These might include representing the faculty at information sessions in Orientation week or Open Day, during recruitment activities such as graduate expos, and on Faculty committees.

Certificate of completion

Participants receive a certificate of completion marking their contribution and learning through the fellowship scheme.

Eligibility and applications

To apply an applicant must have:

  • Completed a minimum of one semester in an Arts graduate coursework program
  • Be entering a full year of study in 2017
  • Have achieved a minimum 75 average in their graduate coursework study at Monash by the start of the scheme in 2017*

* Students who have not completed a whole semester by the application submission date but who believe themselves on track to achieve a minimum 75 average, are also encouraged to apply.

How to apply

Applicants must discuss their intention to apply for the scheme with their Director of Program, and then complete the online application form.

Please note, the application form asks you to rank your chosen ‘leadership in practice ‘portfolio from 1-4. While every effort is made to accommodate an applicant’s first choice, this cannot be guaranteed.

You need to sign in with your Monash student user name and password.
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Outcome and notification

Applications for the 2017 scheme are due on Friday 14th October.

Applicants will be shortlisted and selective interviews will be undertaken 23rd – 27th October. Fellows will be formally announced on December 12th.

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