Student placements and internships

The internships and practicum component of the master’s course is aimed at helping students to gain real world experiences in the Translation and Interpreting industry and at developing further their employability.

By working with professionals in the industry and/or along side professionals who frequently use translators and interpreters, students will be able to pick up useful skills that will help prepare them for the transition from university to work place.

In applying the knowledge acquired in the classroom, students are able to develop a better understanding of the way in which theory relates to practice.  Employers and industry partners participating in the practicum may also become a useful recruitment resource for graduates of the program.

The internships and practicum component aims to help students to: 

  • obtain practical experience of the Interpreting and/or Translating industry in Australia,
  • draw conclusions about the way in which Translators and/or Interpreters operate and about the criteria and skills involved in a practical working environment,
  • apply the principles and practice of Translating and/or Interpreting acquired in their study,
  • demonstrate their skills to prospective employers,
  • make decisions about their careers in Translating and/or Interpreting,
  • effect on the connection between theory and practice.

Practicum in translation will typically include (but is not limited to) activities such as:

  • Participation in large translation projects in collaboration with Translation agencies/language service providers
  • Client liaison and other administrative/management tasks as required by agencies/language service providers
  • Translation of general promotional, informative, and other corporate documents sourced by, or in collaboration with, lecturers and language tutors
  • Translation of academic material as needed.

Practicum in interpreting will typically include a range of activities, such as:

  • Weekly attendance at (or block placement with) a language service provider/ a translation and interpreting agency / a Monash University internal partner
  • Attendance at court sessions where interpreting services are required to observe court procedures and etiquette, as well as professional Interpreters operating in the court environment
  • Attendance at hospital interpreted sessions to observe healthcare procedure and professionals, as well as interpreters operating in a healthcare setting
  • Attendance at international conferences or meetings to observe international meetings procedure and conference interpreters operating in a conference setting.

All translation and interpretation activities provided during internships and practicum are undertaken under the supervision of NAATI accredited translators and interpreters.