Field Trips

In addition to semester-length 6-point units, Australia in the World offers four intensive 12-point field study subjects available to second and third year students and completed over a much shorter period. These are:

ATS2387/ATS3387 Beyond Gallipoli: Australians in the Great War

Hands-on learning in Turkey, Italy, Belgium and France! Join one of Australia’s leading Gallipoli historians in a journey across this historic landscape. Retrace the steps of the men who fought there, watch history come to life in the gullies, on the ridges and in the waters off Anzac Cove. The experiences of nurses, the international Allied forces and the Ottoman soldiers they battled, are all part of this fascinating history. The Gallipoli study tour also explores Istanbul and Troy and promotes peace and friendship between Australia and Turkey.


After two weeks in Turkey, the study tour relocates to Italy. Our Monash Prato Centre is set in the hills of historic Tuscany and here classes will include excursions to commemorative sites in Bologna and Florence as well as intensive analysis of recently digitized archival records. The final week of the unit tours the Western Front, visiting the key battlefields and museums of Flanders and the Somme and concluding in Paris. ‘Beyond Gallipoli’ retraces Australia’s involvement in a conflict that reshaped the modern world.

Intensive Mode Field Trip 12 points Winter

ATS2386/ATS3386 Paradise Lost?: Sustainability and Australia

Discover Australia’s environmental challenges walking the landscape Australia’s landscape is unique, for some it is beautiful, others have thought it a place of the weird or the monstrous. For both indigenous and non-indigenous Australia the land has had a huge influence on identity and culture. Paradise Lost? examines how cultural, climactic and economic forces have shaped the Australian landscape and how we will deal with the challenges facing the environment today, considering many of the debates surrounding sustainability, heritage and climate. As part of this field-study based subject, students will be guided through fascinating sites including the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Murray River and Wilson’s Promontory, allowing students to experience what the landscape means to Australia’s past and its future.

Intensive Mode Field Trip 12 points Summer Flexible


ATS2394/ATS3394 Australia and Asia

Understanding Australia’s relationship with Asia is more important than ever as we enter the Asian Century. This unique unit looks at Australian-Asian contacts from both sides, starting in Australia before taking students on a study tour to Asia. Students cover a wide conceptual, temporal and geographical terrain, exploring the nature of cross-cultural contact at political and diplomatic, economic and trade, as well as cultural and personal levels. The unit identifies enduring themes that influence Australian-Asian relations, and looks to future developments that will affect all Australians in the Asian Century.

Intensive Mode Field Trip 12 points Summer Flexible


ATS3208 In the Footsteps of Refugees

This intensive unit will examine one of the largest and most visible refugee movements of the late twentieth century, in which more than two million Vietnamese left their homeland in the two decades following the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. It will include a field trip to Vietnam and Indonesia, and explore the site of the former refugee camp of Pulau Galang in Indonesia. Galang is a site of pilgrimage for survivors and the only former refugee camp to have been preserved. A series of lectures and seminars will introduce students to the experiences of Vietnamese refugees, and students will be able to reflect on the refugees’ journeys, their resettlement experiences in Australia, and the nature of remembrance.

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Intensive Mode Field Trip 12 points Winter Flexible