The National Centre for Australian Studies is your gateway to Australia and the world. We visit sites of significance right across the country and we explore Australia’s social, cultural and political landscape. Innovative and interdisciplinary, our undergraduate program engages history, politics, literature, geography, International and Indigenous studies.

Australian Studies is a global conversation and seeks to locate Australia in the region and the world. We celebrate the strength and diversity of Indigenous Australia and we explore the myriad cultures that inform a sense of Australian identity today. You can make Australian Studies part of your Study Abroad experience, take Australian Studies units at the Monash Prato Centre near Florence, tour the Anzac battlefields as part of your degree and/or work on an internship with our cultural partners overseas. Australian Studies engages the world and we also offer intensive teaching programs across the Asia-Pacific region. Generous scholarships, funded by the New Colombo Plan, offer students the opportunity to engage with Australia’s neighbours in Asia.


Australia in the World – Minor Sequence

Australia in the World can be taken as a Minor sequence towards a Bachelor of Arts degree. Students undertaking Australia in the World complete 24 points of units including either/both of the core units ATS2385 – ANZAC Legends: Australians at War or ATS2395 – Australia in a Globalising World.

Students can also take individual units as electives. A number of units in the Australia in the World area of study contribute to Majors in Politics, History, International Studies, International Relations, Geography, Communications, Journalism and more.

ATS1259 – Exploring Contemporary Australia

This unit explores contemporary Australia through its films, literature, sport, myths, heroes and history. Organised around the themes of Land, Nation and People, it focuses on the making of national/gender/racial identity, white Australians reckoning with Indigenous culture and our changing relationship with the world and the region. It includes an excursion to the iconic landscape of the Rocks in central Sydney and/or a tour of the ‘Aussie Outback’.

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ATS2385 – ANZAC Legends: Australians at War

This unit explores the experience of Australians at war, from the colonial period to the Landing at Gallipoli and through the major conflicts of the twentieth century. It focuses on the ‘face of battle’ and how human conflict affected men and women on the front line. ‘Anzac Legends’ will examine the role of war in both consolidating and challenging definitions of gender, national and racial identity. It will explore the changing representation of war memory in film and literature and includes excursions to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra and Melbourne’s Shrine.

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ATS2395 – Australia in a Globalising World

This unit examines Australia’s international contacts from the nineteenth century to the present day, focussing particularly on shifting relations with Britain, the United States and Asia across political, military, strategic, economic, cultural and personal levels. The unit examines how representations of foreigners and ‘Others’ have changed over time, and how these shaped Australian relations with the world. This will allow students to gain an understanding of how past issues continue to shape Australia’s global relations, and how foreign, public and trade policy is developed.

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ATS3391 – A World of Sport: Business, Politics and Media

This unit examines Australian sport within a global context. It investigates Australian engagement with international sporting organisations and markets, as well as the role of sport in Australian and international society. It interrogates the power of business, industry and the media in Australian and international sport, and how their roles are refashioning the sporting landscape. It also examines the significance of international sport, positing sports as a major economic driver in the age of spectacle.

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Field Trips: Travel and Learn with Australian Studies

In addition to semester-length 6-point units, Australia in the World offers three intensive 12-point field study subjects available to second and third year students and completed over a much shorter period.

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