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World War 1: A History in 100 Stories

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One Hundred Stories

The One Hundred Stories are a silent presentation. They remember not just the men and women who lost their lives, but also those who returned to Australia, the gassed, the crippled, the insane, all those irreparably damaged by war. The Great War shaped the world as well as the nation. Its memory belongs to us all.



Alexander McKinnon

With due care


Frank Wilkinson

At breaking point


Ettie Rout

A guardian angel of the Anzacs


Charles Kingston

Captain Charlie’s Boozer

Elsie Tranter

Elsie Tranter

We were all so fond of him


Herbert Crowle

A man who stood out


William Irwin

Magnificent gallantry


Mary Chomley

A labour of love


The Unknown Patient

Thank God you are found


Bryan Lyall

A sorrow unsaid


George Irwin

All that is left of him


Tom Elliott

A Duntroon man


William Maynard

Something to remember him by


Adam Wardrop

Whatever time they had left


Caroline Gilbert

No more to send


Cornelius Danswan

Quite a decent type of man


Ethel Campbell

The angel of Durban


Bernard Haines

The boy soldier

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A bold new book

Find out more about the men and women of the 100 stories By popular demand, the stories have been recast as a book.  Lavishly illustrated, carefully researched and written in crisp, engaging prose, World War One: A history in 100 stories extends our understanding of a conflict that shaped the modern world. You can learn … Continue reading A bold new book

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The 100 Stories in the classroom

The 100 Stories project is aligned with Australia’s National History Curriculum and canvas a wide range of historical issues.  They foster skills at the heart of critical inquiry and offer new empathetic ways of recovering past experience.  The 100 Stories have been showcased in thousands of classrooms since the project began.  Here are some practical … Continue reading The 100 Stories in the classroom

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Creating the 100 Stories

The 100 Stories are a silent digital presentation revisiting the experience of the Great War.  Sparse, haunting and often elegiac, they are intended to evoke the voices of the past. The stories have been chosen from all across Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand; they highlight the experience of women as well as men; they consider the … Continue reading Creating the 100 Stories

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Find your family, learn online, study the battlefields

‘World War One: A History in 100 Stories’ is a free online course fielded by FutureLearn in the UK and Monash University. The course is organized thematically, exploring the ways the Great War affected combatants, their families and their communities. It offers case studies for family historians, surveys a rich field of resources available on line, … Continue reading Find your family, learn online, study the battlefields

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