Arts Research

Arts Research

Monash University’s Faculty of Arts, which consists of Humanities and Social Sciences, is a world class leader in several disciplines and a leading Faculty of Arts in Australia.

About Us

Monash Arts research is globally engaged and internationally recognised for its scholarly excellence and impact, producing world class scholarship on societal challenges of global scale including poverty and international development, violence and security, health and behaviour change, and inter-cultural communication.

In the Faculty of Arts we are committed to understanding and improving the human condition through our research across the Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Focus Programs

The Monash University Faculty of Arts Focus Program Initiative

The Faculty of Arts is investing in research excellence and impact. On the basis of data for research performance and impact, nine research programs have been defined across the faculty, which are receiving funding for talent enhancement and capacity building. These nine programs and their new talent are organised into the Focus Program Initiative.

Research Priorities

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Understanding Cultures

Promoting understandings of past, present and future cultural and social forces, and considering new and evolving forms of global citizenship.

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Liveable Places & Sustainable Environments

Improving sustainability and wellbeing by harnessing understanding of the environment, including climate and water, and societal systems.

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Resilient and Inclusive Societies

Highlighting the social and community contexts of health and wellbeing outcomes: an integral part of ‘health and wellbeing’.

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Peace, Security and Borders

Advancing our understanding of the sources of conflict, violence and harm at local, national, regional and global levels.

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Research Showcase

The Arts Research Showcase highlights the breadth and depth of research undertaken by staff in the Faculty of Arts.

ARC Success

The Faculty of Arts continues to attract Australian Research Council Discovery program funding in a wide range of disciplines.


Discovery Projects

The Faculty of Arts continues to attract Australian Research Council Discovery program funding in a wide range of disciplines.

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Future Fellowships

Staff in four Schools or Centres in the Faculty of Arts have won prestigious ARC Future Fellowships.

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Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)

Monash’s Faculty of Arts has consistently attracted ARC DECRA funding since the inception of the scheme.

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Linkage Projects

The Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities scheme provides funding for research infrastructure, equipment and facilities.

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Contact Us

The Arts Research Business Development Office provides research and professional support for the Faculty’s academic staff.

Telephone: + 61 3 990 58547
Fax: +61 3 990 51497

Arts Research Business Development Office, 3rd Floor West, Menzies Building, Clayton Campus

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