LIFE @ Monash Arts

What’s it like to study Arts at Monash?

Whether you’re hanging out with friends on the Menzies lawn or on an overseas field trip as part of your study, there’s something for you at Monash Arts.

Monash Arts on campus

With two campuses, four libraries, a state-of-the-art media lab, and public performance spaces, there's a lot to explore

Get connected

Excited about going to university? But also a bit unsure? With lots of support and so much to get involved in, you'll find your feet on campus!

Experience the world

Study overseas as part of your Monash Arts degree, make new friends and enhance your employabilty for a globalised world.

Become career ready with Monash Arts

Take an internship as part of your study, or participate in a leadership program, and gain valuable skills and real world experience.