Italian Studies

Italian Studies at Monash offers a broad and diverse language and culture curriculum and a wide range of opportunities to study in Italy. In fact, Monash is the only Australian university to have an established Centre in Italy, the Monash Prato Centre.

Available as a major or minor.

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What is it?

Italy is not only fashion, design and lifestyle – it is a country which has much to offer and is therefore interesting to know in depth.

It has more than 70% of the world’s artistic heritage. It offers examples of compelling medieval, Renaissance and contemporary literature, and of world-famous films. Knowledge of Italian is useful in itself, but it is also essential for the study of other fields like history, literature, music, art, business, economics and political science.

Studying Italian develops language competence and analytical thinking. Italian language and culture is central to the study of the humanities and studying the humanities gives you a comprehensive education.

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How to Study

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Major: 8 units (48 points) taken over 3 years. This is the area of study you choose to specialise in.

Minor: 4 units (24 points) taken from an area of study that is different to your major.

You must complete 48 credit points (8 units) of your course before you are eligible to go on exchange. Usually this means waiting until your second or third year of study to go on exchange.

We consider you an international student if you are not:

  • an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or
  • an Australian permanent resident.

Note: We consider Australian and New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents as local students.

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An extended major made up of 12 units (96 points) taken over three years.


Study Italian in Italy!

From 2017 in-country language learning will be part of your Italian studies.

All students taking Italian studies as a major (or extended major) will be required* to undertake 12 – 18 points of study in Italy, either at the Monash Prato Centre,  or at a partner university in Italy as part of their undergraduate studies.

Grants are available to second and third-year level students who intend to study in Italy.

Honours students will be strongly encouraged to study for one semester in an Italian university (preferably at the University of Florence or at the University of Bologna) as part of their honours degree.

*exemption can be made under exceptional circumstances.


Students of Italian at Monash have the opportunity to do internships, either in schools or cultural centres in Prato.

This is a great opportunity to gain further knowledge of the language and culture while getting precious work experience.

You can also take your internship as a credited component of your degree (6 credit points) through an Arts Internship Unit.

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Entry Levels

All students who have already studied Italian (including those who have completed secondary school Italian) or have gained some knowledge of Italian in other ways will complete an entry level test to determine their appropriate enrolment level. According to their test result, this will be either entry point two or entry point three.

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Monash Prato Centre

In Italian Studies at Monash, students have a wide choice when it comes to study in Italy.

At the Prato Centre, students can study both Italian culture and language units, which are aligned with the courses offered in Australia.

Conveniently located just outside of Florence, and immersed in the picturesque landscape of Tuscany, the Monash Prato Centre is located in the elegant 18th Century Palazzo Vaj on Via Pugliesi in the centre of Prato. Leading academics from around the world contribute their expertise to the Prato programs while students have the opportunity to tour historic sites and landmarks as they study them.