Japanese Studies

Japan is a key economic and strategic partner with Australia, and a key player in the Asian region. Graduates in Japanese Studies from Monash work all over the world, many using their Japanese directly, and many more using the intercultural and other skills they have gained to communicate with people across the globe in a wide range of professions and careers.

Available as a major or minor.

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What is it?

Our programs challenge you to look at the world through different eyes, to think critically, and develop your communication skills in both Japanese and English. Most students choose to take Japanese Studies because they are interested in and intrigued by Japanese language, culture and society, and want to engage with it directly.

Monash has one of the most extensive programs in Japanese Studies in Australia, catering for students from introductory to advanced levels. Flexible entry points and pathways ensure you study at a level that suits your background. Elective units allow you to pursue the areas that interest you most, and study abroad opens a world of possibilities. You can study Japanese in almost every course offered at Monash, as well as through a Diploma in Languages if you don’t have room in your course.

How to Study

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Major: 8 units (48 points) taken over 3 years. This is the area of study you choose to specialise in.

Minor: 4 units (24 points) taken from an area of study that is different to your major.

You must complete 48 credit points (8 units) of your course before you are eligible to go on exchange. Usually this means waiting until your second or third year of study to go on exchange.

We consider you an international student if you are not:

  • an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or
  • an Australian permanent resident.

Note: We consider Australian and New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents as local students.

Find out more information on how to apply as an international student

An extended major made up of 12 units (96 points) taken over three years.

Student Opportunities

Asian Studies

If you are interested in Japan, you should also consider taking Asian Studies. Asian Studies units form a stream within International Studies, and include units focusing on Japan as well as on Asia more broadly. See the International Studies brochure or website for further details. You can also take Asian Studies units as electives within a Japanese Studies major.

Japanese Club, Manga Library and the Japanese Studies Centre

Monash has a very active Japanese Studies community. The popular Japanese Club organises social activities providing opportunities for practising Japanese in a social context and for meeting people with similar interests. The Japanese Studies Centre has its own Japanese garden, and hosts seminars and other events throughout the year. It also houses the first Australian ‘Manga Library’ on campus, which is run by a student-led volunteer group. It organises various events and last year hosted a manga symposium with national and international guests.  The Manga Library is also home to a manga translation group.

Study Overseas

Monash University has exchange agreements with twelve prominent universities in Japan. While each exchange has its own features, collectively they provide a wide range of opportunities for students to study in Japan. Various scholarships are available from the university and from the Japanese government to help you fund your travels and learning.