Undergraduate Courses

Broaden your options. Choose Arts.

Arts Undergraduate Courses

Follow your passions with a wide range of subject and course choices, including double degrees. Broaden your knowledge and life experience with our internships and travel options.

Bachelor of Arts

Freedom to create a course designed to fulfil your academic and career interests.

Bachelor of Global Studies

Designed for those who aspire to be leaders in making social change, with a choice of 3 specialisations.

Bachelor of Music

Become the complete 21st century musician, study with the finest professionals and scholars in their fields.

LIFE @Monash Arts

With two campuses, four libraries, a state-of-the-art media lab, and public performance spaces, there’s a lot to explore.

You can also take a semester at Monash’s Prato campus in Italy, or do an overseas internship as part of your study, or participate in a leadership program and gain valuable skills and real world experience.

Whether you’re hanging out with friends on the Menzies lawn or on an overseas study tour, there’s something for you at Monash Arts.

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Starting university with Monash Arts

We understand the first year of university is an important milestone in anyone’s life. It’s a bit like turning 18 or getting your drivers’ license – liberating and exciting. But as with any new beginning, students face different challenges and expectations.

To make the university experience as rewarding and enjoyable as possible, we have introduced two transition programs within the Arts Faculty:

Our First in the Family program is designed to help students adjust to the many differences that are part of university life, and to instil a sense of belonging

Ambassadors and Leaders: Our three-step PAL Program is run over three years, and offers students valuable leadership experience.

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Where can you go with an Arts degree?

Sean Car

“I am a broadcast reporter who also launched a not-for-profit charity”

At 22, Sean Car has achieved a lot. A passion for reading, writing and listening led him to pursue studies and a career in journalism.

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Kelly Warner

“I discovered my passion for indigenous knowledge and justice”

It was after taking a chance elective in Indigenous Studies that Kelly Warner discovered she had a real passion for the area.

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Thom Woodfofe

“I set up an independent think tank”

Thom Woodroofe came to Monash as an Arts Global student, eager to engage in his studies and the world around him. He was recently awarded a scholarship for further study at Oxford.

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