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Diplomas add value to a degree

Our undergraduate diplomas allow you to pursue an interest in an area of study from Monash Arts concurrently with another course at Monash.

What is a diploma?

A diploma is equivalent to a full major (48 points) and is completed alongside your main course over a three-year period.

For most students, undertaking a diploma generally adds a further year to their length of study. The time may be reduced if you receive credit for units already completed in your course, or if the course allows you to complete summer or winter units (units that are offered in the periods in between semesters one and two).

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Diplomas on offer
Entry requirements

To be eligible to apply for an undergraduate diploma, you must be currently enrolled in another single or double degree course at Monash. Diplomas are not available to international student visa holders.

If you are in a course managed by the Faculty of Arts, you may apply for entry from the start of your undergraduate course. You have until the start of the final year of your undergraduate course to commence your Diploma, or until the final semester of your Masters by coursework degree.

If your course is managed by a faculty other than Arts, you must gain approval from your managing faculty to study a diploma with Monash Arts. Please check with your managing faculty if there are any additional requirements you must meet to qualify. Some faculties, for example the Faculty of Law, require students to complete at least 48 points of study and have a credit (60%) average or above in their studies before approval will be granted to study a diploma.

How to apply
  1. Complete a Monash Arts Diploma Application
    Undergraduate Diploma Application (PDF)
  2. Gain approval from your home faculty
    Your managing faculty must approve your application prior to submission to Monash Arts Student Services. 
  3. Submit form to Faculty of Arts Office
    Submit an enquiry:
    Phone: 1800 MONASH (666 274)
    Fax: +61 3 9905 2120
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