Double degrees, double the opportunity

Have more than one passion? Want to have more career options? Why not broaden your education with a double degree course?

Increase your employment options and fast-track two courses

A double degree course can increase your employment options because it broadens your knowledge and skills in different areas.

A double degree course means studying two courses simultaneously, usually from different faculties.

For example, if you graduate with an Arts/Science double degree you could pursue a career in arts or science or fields where these intersect, such as scientific journalism.

Double degree courses can take up to two years less than if you took the two courses one after the other. This is because the electives from each degree course count towards the other, and you will graduate with two distinct degrees.

One of the largest selections in Australia

Monash Arts has one of the largest selections of double degree courses in Australia.

To find a double degree course that suits you, search for courses in your primary area of interest, eg engineering. You will find double degree courses listed after single degree courses.

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