Sean Car

“I am a broadcast reporter who also launched a not-for-profit charity”

At 22, Sean Car has achieved a lot.  A passion for reading, writing and listening led him to pursue studies and a career in journalism.

One of his most positive experiences at Monash came in the final year: “I was able to do three internships at WIN, Metro Media and Dockland News. These experiences truly gave me a taste for the industry and ultimately showed me that this was something I could do and do well.”

On graduating, Sean achieved a broadcast reporter role with Channel Nine’s regional network WIN News in country Victoria. He also invests his energies in “Education Africa”, a not-for-profit charity he launched after living, working and travelling throughout remote Africa in 2012.

And Sean has plans for further study: “I have decided to undertake the Master of International Development Practice part-time”.

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