Kelly Warner

“I discovered my passion for indigenous knowledge and justice”

It was after taking a chance elective in Indigenous Studies that Kelly Warner discovered she had a real passion for the area.

“My first Indigenous Studies unit changed my perspective on the world fairly radically. So I decided to change my major.”

She moved on to complete Honours with Monash’s Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies, a learning environment she found to be very supportive and inspirational.

Two years into her career, Kelly has experienced some valuable opportunities to fulfill her commitment to “acknowledging, embracing and advocating for indigenous knowledge and justice”.

Kelly has worked with the Australian Community Support Organisation a Victorian NGO on the Konnect program. Konnect delivers case management and outreach support to Koori men and women exiting prison. She now works in the same organisation as a Research Officer in Strategy and Development.

As a student at Monash, Kelly studied a Bachelor of Arts Honours (Australian Indigenous Studies).

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