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Lead the thinking and make a difference

Did you know some of the world’s most influential people have an Arts Degree? Monash Arts graduates find careers in a wide range of fields. By studying Arts, you can help change the world: socially, economically and academically.

Lead the thinking with an Arts degree

Arts students are critical thinkers, always resisting easy answers. Arts courses give students the knowledge they need to become leaders in their fields, learning how to:

  • take an innovative approach to world issues and tackle them from a global perspective
  • think critically and creatively about cultural, linguistic and geographical differences and how they’ve evolved
  • examine the way people communicate complex ideas through speech and writing, as well as artistic expression
  • answer challenging questions by assessing evidence and using self-reliant research skills to seek out resources
Transferable skills for a globalised economy

Skills crafted in an Arts course, often referred to as “transferable skills”, are becoming increasingly sought after by employers.

“In a globalised economy the nature of work and the way work is managed is changing. Organisations now need people who can operate in multiple dimensions, who have the ability to analyse information, prioritise and communicate with stakeholders. These sophisticated ‘soft skills’ are among the hardest to measure but ultimately can deliver the greatest value.” Press Release, Hudson Report AU, October 2012.

Be in good company: some of the most successful people have studied Arts

Since World War II, every Australian prime minister who attended university studied for a degree in the humanities, arts or social sciences. The following well-known leaders in their field also studied for an Arts degree:

  • Barack Obama, President of the United States (Political Science)
  • Lachlan Murdoch, Co-chair of News Corp and 21st Century Fox (Philosophy)
  • Geraldine Brooks, writer (Government)
  • Thérèse Rein, entrepreneuse (Psychology)
  • JK Rowling, writer (French and Classics)
  • Peter Thiel, co-founder and former CEO of PayPal (Philosophy)
  • Ted Turner, founder of CNN (Classics)
  • Harold Varmus, Nobel Laureate in medicine (English)
  • Robert Iger, CEO of Disney (Communications)
What are our recent graduates doing?
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