Step up with VCE Languages

VCE Languages conference at Monash University

Monash Arts Languages invites all VCE languages students and their teachers to the first statewide conference on language, social and cultural studies, held at Monash University Clayton Campus on 13 and 14 July, 2017.


Who is the conference for?

This is a unique opportunity to showcase your Unit 3 & 4 detailed study project to a broader audience, and receive comments and feedback. Are you interested in sharing ideas with students and teachers from other schools, as well as university students and lecturers? Then, why don’t you bring your project to an exciting new set of workshops, designed especially for VCE languages students.

These workshops are designed to help you do the best you can do with your VCE studies, and to prepare you to excel in future studies and employment.

What will the conference involve?

Over a day and a half, participating students will listen to their peers individual presentations on their VCE language ‘research for detailed study project’ (delivered in English).  Presenters will be offered feedback from the audience and the opportunity to share ideas.  The audience will consist of other VCE students, teachers, and University languages students and academics.  In addition to the individual presentations there will also be workshops covering research skills, effective presentations, voice training, time management, and  information on opportunities in languages at University and as a future career.

How will students benefit?

Presenting to peers is a great way to improve your presentation skills and confidence, and to receive constructive feedback and suggestions. Conferences such as this are a great way to meet other students who are studying VCE languages and to share ideas, network and learn. University academics use conferences to not only receive constructive feedback for their current work, but also to meet new people and to acquire new knowledge. Many of the people you will meet may become your future friends and collaborators, and they will help you develop your detailed study project through discussion and feedback – by sharing with you something that you may not have thought about or could not have experienced yourself. This is your opportunity to enhance your detailed study project and therefore potentially improve your study score whilst also getting also a taste of university research culture.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can help their language students achieve more confidence in their research and presentation skills, and help them recognise ways to utilise their language skills at University. The best way to learn is to teach, and teachers can support their language students in this experience by encouraging them to ‘teach’ the audience about the detailed study research project they are developing for their VCE language oral exam.  Attending teachers will contribute to the workshops by being a supportive and constructively critical member of the audience, and be able to network with other VCE language teachers.

Register here

You can attend the conference either as a student presenter, a student spectator, or a languages teacher. The registration fee is $20 and will include lunch and refreshments. Payment will be required after confirmation of registration.